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  • This kit includes all the essential tools ImpressArt recommends to start hand stamping metal jewelry and keepsakes. The stamps, tools, and guides are all specifically chosen to ensure an easy and successful introductory experience.
  • The Ergo-Angle Hammer is designed to leave deep and even impressions, while the large steel block provides a solid, comfortable stamping surface.
  • Homeroom Signature Letter Stamps, Uppercase, 3mm – Forged from hardened steel and rated to endure stamping on soft and hard metals up to Stainless Steel*. Lightly coated with oil to prevent rust. Character marked on side of the stamp for easy identification & orientation. Storage case with labeled slots for each stamp. Includes full uppercase alphabet and 7 bonus design stamps.
  • kit comes complete with Stamp Tape and Stamp Guides to align letters, Enamel Marker to make stamped impressions stand out, 4 keychain projects, a practice blank, and a convenient storage box to store all your hand stamping tools and supplies.

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Dimensions 13.6 × 13 × 6 cm


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